Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday School for all ages

Pastor: Rob Meckley
Associate Pastors:
Dennis Olsen & Gary Ausbun


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New Sanctuary


Our purpose is to help people of all ages establish a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are affiliated with the Church of God, with national headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. (There are at least a dozen organizations with that name which leads to some confusion.) That is why we refer to our headquarters in Anderson. Learn more about our denominational affiliation at

We do not emphasize what makes us different from other Churches, but rather, what unites us.

We do not have a formal church membership. Therefore, there is no ceremony or procedure to “join.” You are just welcome to come as you are and be a part of our body.

Our Sunday worship is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. The emphasis is not so much on style, but substance. Whatever music etc. that helps communicate the Majesty of God, the Grace of Jesus Christ, the encouragement of the Holy Spirit and the joy of Christian fellowship is what we use.